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Tepee shelter
A teepee to shelter you from the harsh winter conditions in Arctic Finland shot early in the morning with the temperature a balmy minus 23 degrees C.
Winter sunset
Muonio winter sunset scene in northern Finland.
Black and white snow scene
Black and white snow scene in Arctic Finland.
Cold house
Serenity in winter
Serene river scene in Arctic Finland as the sun sets.
River flow in winter
Deep in Arctic Finland in the depth of winter, a river still flows towards a distant sunlit peak.
Sun, snow and pines
A beautiful sunny day high in the fells of Arctic Finland.
Cold start
Snow carts await the first race of the day in a bitterly cold dawn on the river in Muonio Finland.
Fire and ice
A sunset explodes over a frozen river in Muonio northern Finland.
Heavy with snow
Simple black and white of a tree heavily laden with snow in Arctic Finland.
Cabin at sunset
Sun setting over a log cabin in winter Northern Finland.
Finnish fell scene in winter
Bright winter's sunshine on the fells near Muonio Arctic Finland in January
Tepee shelter Winter sunset Black and white snow scene Cold house Serenity in winter River flow in winter Sun, snow and pines Cold start Fire and ice Heavy with snow Cabin at sunset Finnish fell scene in winter
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