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Abisko watercolour
The setting sun over Arctic Abisko provides lovely pastel shades.
Ice and mountains
A scene of ice and mountains as a weak winter sun rises over Arctic Abisko.
Strolling on Tornetrask lake
Lone walker on a frozen Tornetrask Lake in Abisko Sweden.
Ice and water
Frozen waterfall but water flows under the ice in Abisko Arctic Sweden.
Tornetrask Lake in winter
A frozen Lake Tornetrask on a cold winter's day in Abisko.
A Xmas card scene
A Xmas card scene in a Swedish forest near Gallivare.
Gammelstad (a UNESCO world heritage site) outside of Lulea in winter.
House in deep snow
Sunny church
Bright winter sunshine on Swedish church in Gallivare.
Moose watch
A moose watches through the trees near Kiruna in Arctic Sweden.
Moose calf
Moose calf watching the photographer near to Kiruna northern Sweden.
Hungry moose
A hungry moose tucks into a winter's snack in Arctic Sweden.
Winter walk
Winter pathway in Camp Ripan Kiruna as the dawn breaks.
Camp Ripan
A view of Camp Ripan, Kiruna framed by frosty trees as dawn breaks.
Church in winter
The race
Reindeer racing at Jokkmokk winter fair - arctic Sweden
Arctic line
The polar line runs from Stockholm to Narvik through stunning winter scenery - here the station at Kiruna is captured on a cold winter's night.
Frosty church
Swedish wooden church framed between frost covered trees in Gallivare northern Sweden.
Abisko watercolour Ice and mountains Strolling on Tornetrask lake Ice and water Tornetrask Lake in winter A Xmas card scene Gammelstad House in deep snow Sunny church Moose watch Moose calf Hungry moose Winter walk Camp Ripan Church in winter The race Arctic line Frosty church
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