Bergen and the Fjords by Ingymon
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Fjord scene-near Gudvangen Norway
Beautiful Fjord scene near to Gudvangen Norway.
Gudvangen -Norwegian village in the mountains
Gudvangen Norway nestling below the mountains with snow still on the peaks.
Bergen shopping
Brightly coloured shops in Bergen old town before dawn.
Harbour scene
Oil rig service ships in Bergen harbour on a sunny winter's day.
Bergen dawn
Old town Bergen at dawn
Beautiful Bergen
Colourful Bergen old town on a sunny winter's day.
Bergen panorama
Late afternoon view of Bergen (panorama) from top of funicular railway.
Bergen black and white
Old town passageway, Bergen, Norway
Fjord scene-near Gudvangen Norway Gudvangen -Norwegian village in the mountains Bergen shopping Harbour scene Bergen dawn Beautiful Bergen Bergen panorama Bergen black and white
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