Holy Island and Northumberland by Ingymon
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Alnwick Castle-Harry Potter castle
Alnwick castle Northumberland between sharp summer showers.
Castle black and white-Lindisfarne
A rather different view of Lindisfarne castle than the normal - taken from behind (notice the old herring boats now used as huts).
Farne islands puffins
A group of Farne Island puffins bask on the rocks in the sunlight.
Castle hill
Lindisfarne castle
Lindisfarne castle, Holy Island, UK
Lindisfarne castle 2
Classic view of Lindisfarne Castle.
To the castle
Fence line leads to the distant Lindisfarne Castle.
Pilgrim's walk Lindisfarne
Sunset on the Lindisfarne Pilgrim's walk.
Endless skies
The endless skies of Northumbria above Hadrian's wall.
Black and white lobster pot abstract.
Hadrian's wall
Hadrian's wall snaking into the distance.
Watching you!
Seal watching the tourists - Farne islands, uk
Alnwick Castle-Harry Potter castle Castle black and white-Lindisfarne Farne islands puffins Castle hill Lindisfarne castle Lindisfarne castle 2 To the castle Pilgrim's walk Lindisfarne Endless skies Pots Hadrian's wall Watching you!
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