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Canal reflections
Calm early morning on Llangollen canal with moored boats and deep reflections in the water
Early morning canal scene-Shropshire Union canal
Early morning summer sunshine falling through trees onto canal boat moored on Shropshire Union canal.
Escape from lockdown-jetty and sunrise-Ellesmere
Sunrise over Ellesmere in Shropshire on a tranquil morning.
Up up and away- balloon launch
Sky Monkeys' balloon ascending at Oswestry balloon meet in 2019.
Liverpool sightseeing-Liver building an tour bus
Sightseeing in Liverpool.
Reach for the skies-orange balloon launch
Orange balloon ascending at Shropshire balloon meet.
Escape from lockdown 2-Ellesmere Shropshire
Beautiful sunrise over Ellesmere in Shropshire.
Early morning launch-colourful balloons
balloon festival, Oswestry, UK
An English country church- peaceful church in summer
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