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Bridge in winter
Bridge in Stockholm in winter with attractive winter's light.
Sailing boat
The museum
Winter's light hitting one of Stockholm's most beautiful museums taken from across the surrounding park in winter.
Harbour at sunset
Gorgeous late afternoon light bathes some of Stockholm's historic buildings as the sun sets on a winter's day.
Winter harbour
Tour boat lies idle under brooding winter's sunset in Stockholm Sweden.
Gamla Stan street scene in winter
Gamla Stan street scene in winter Stockholm Sweden.
Night bird's view
Cityscape from a Stockholm hotel window.
Winter in Stockholm
Opera house in Stockholm bathed in warm winter's light.
Stockholm dusk
A dusk view looking to one of Stockholm's many bridges during a lovely sunset.
Old street scene
Rush Hour
Light trails during morning rush hour in down town Stockholm during winter.
Stockholm pano
a colourful panorama across Stockholm taken across from the city hall building.
Stockholm at dusk
Night falls over a brightly lit Stockholm in winter.
Boat at dawn
Boat that serves as a restaurant and hotel moored in Stockholm, shot taken in blue hour at dawn.
Bridge at night
Stockholm blue hour on a winter's evening
Bridge in winter Sailing boat The museum Harbour at sunset Winter harbour Gamla Stan street scene in winter Night bird's view Winter in Stockholm Stockholm dusk Old street scene Rush Hour Stockholm pano Stockholm at dusk Boat at dawn Bridge at night
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