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Man and mountains-Svalbard mountains
Solitary figure showing the scale of the magnificent mountains in Svalbard.
The Tower
Navigation beacon against Svalbard's spectacular mountains - black and white.
The old post office-Longyearbyen
The old post office in Longyearbyen - the only structure the Nazis did not destroy in 1939 - 1945.
Hard living-remote settlement- Svalbard
Remote settlement on Svalbard during a hard Arctic winter.
The unknown miner-statue-Longyearbyen
The statues of the unknown miner in Longyearbyen to commemorate all those miners who lost their lives on Svalbard.
The winding house-Longyearbyen-Svalbard
One of the old mine winding houses on Svalbard as dawn approached during the Arctic winter.
A night at the theatre-Longyearbyen theatre
An old mine winding house on Svalbard now used as an occasional theatre (with bags of atmosphere!).
To the mine-Svalbard mining relics
The pylons carrying the mine winding cables stretch into the distance on Svalbard.
The weather station-Svalbard
An old disused weather station outside of Longyearbyen Svalbard, note the pylons for the mine winding cables.
Mountain walk-Svalbard
A walk in Svalbard's mountains in winter, accompanied by guides with guns to guard against bear attack.
Cold view-huts-mountains-Svalbard bay
View close to Longyearbyen, Svalbard in the high Arctic
Stunning Svalbard-fjord-mountains-sunshine
Icy fjord on Svalbard with the mountains behind and a weak winter sun just below the horizon.
The red hut - hut and mountains
Simple scene of hut and mountains - Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Longyearbyen at dusk-Svalbard
View of Longyearbyen nestling below its mountain as night falls on a cold Arctic day.
Man and mountains-Svalbard mountains The Tower The old post office-Longyearbyen Hard living-remote settlement- Svalbard The unknown miner-statue-Longyearbyen The winding house-Longyearbyen-Svalbard A night at the theatre-Longyearbyen theatre To the mine-Svalbard mining relics The weather station-Svalbard Mountain walk-Svalbard Cold view-huts-mountains-Svalbard bay Stunning Svalbard-fjord-mountains-sunshine The red hut - hut and mountains Longyearbyen at dusk-Svalbard
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