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Watching you!
Seal watching the tourists - Farne islands, uk
Deganwy sunset
Sunset over Deganwy, Wales, UK
Cold harbour
A cold late afternoon in Narvik, Norway
Bergen dawn
Old town Bergen at dawn
Sariselka aurora
Aurora in Arctic Finland - Saariselka.
Cold view-huts-mountains-Svalbard bay
View close to Longyearbyen, Svalbard in the high Arctic
The red hut - hut and mountains
Simple scene of hut and mountains - Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Boats at anchor
Fishing boats at anchor in a tranquil early morning Svolvaer, Norway
Bergen black and white
Old town passageway, Bergen, Norway
Christmas scene
A xmas card scene in rural North Wales, UK
The Craftsman
Victorian craftsman at work - Bliss hill Victorian town, Shropshire, UK
The race
Reindeer racing at Jokkmokk winter fair - arctic Sweden
Watching you! Deganwy sunset Cold harbour Bergen dawn Sariselka aurora Cold view-huts-mountains-Svalbard bay The red hut - hut and mountains Boats at anchor Bergen black and white Christmas scene The Craftsman The race
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